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About Plato Carpet

Our company, established in 2014 to respond to the needs of new consumers, today serves with about 120 people and 14,800 m2 of production area, to many companies and consumers in Turkey and in the world.

In our modernized, state-of-the-art factory, we respond to the need for non-slip carpets produced with odorless and non-dusting polyester material that is not easily affected by external factors, and we do not compromise on quality.

As Plato Carpet, we produce non-slip carpet selections to complement your existing wallpapers, curtains and wall paints through product designs with various textures and colors for your living spaces by prioritizing quality in our R&D studies that ensures us to be the number one in the sector of non-slip carpets in Turkey. And we love our job.


Manufacture products suitable for the needs of customers through R&D and control works, with quality and variety in compliance with world standards.


To grow the Gaziantep carpet market, which is the gateway of Turkey with regard to carpet business and grow together with Gaziantep.

We continue to work, manufacture and improve, not only for ourselves but also for our country and our future.

- Plato Carpet -

Message of Administration

Happily, on the road we embarked with a huge dream as three entrepreneurs who are friends for many years, we managed to become a leading company of its own fiend in Turkey and in the World.

We have started to shape our experience to meet new, contemporary and current consumer needs by taking the experiences of our families who have served in the weaving sector since 1974 and we have formed a Plato Carpet Brand by taking a step further than being an entrepreneur manufacturer.

Our experts in the R&D department, which we established in our factory through our perspective, which takes world standards as reference, and about 120 personnel, we not only manufactured the best in the non-slip carpet field, but also manufacture innovative alternative products by considering various needs of our consumers.We are able to produce non-slip carpets suitable for interior dynamics and intended uses for areas that change into various occasions in daily life, such as interior areas gaining different functions through changing of using style of living spaces, both offices, schools and homes. By creating alternatives to some carpet types that became usage habits but are no longer advantageous choices in the market conditions, we increase the options of consumers in terms of both price-performance and functionality.

Today, the Plato brand, which emerged with the initiative of three friends, has added a new look and horizon to the non-slip floor carpet sector. By creating new business and employment opportunities, not only in production but also in our sector, our greatest desire is to grow together with Gaziantep, the gateway of Turkey to World in carpet business.

We continue to work, manufacture and improve, not only for ourselves but also for our country and our future.

We thank institutions and people, and of course our customers who supported and preferred us.

- Plato Carpet -