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Child and elderly safety

Non-slip carpets not only provide aesthetic, pleasure, warmth and comfort. They also provide a peace of mind with its non-slip property in cases where children and elderly are of the question.

A safe area for children

If you have toddlers who are learning to walk, a soft and non-slip carpet will enable them to learn earlier. And when they fall during walking experiments or playing, they will experience a softer landing compared to other kinds of surfaces. Non-slip carpets are much more safe for your child and your peace of mind.

A safe home for elderly

Elderly people whose walking and mobility become more and more difficult do feel safer on non-slip carpets because the possibility of slipping is very low. A slippery stair can become less dangerous with a non-slip carpet. And if someone falls, the risk of breaking something or other injuries is pretty low. Scientific studies showed that the impact of a fall is better absorbed by a sufficiently thick and non-slip carpet. Injuries from falls is an important health issue for the elderly.

In the elderly people, falling, dizziness, balance problems, medication, musculoskeletal disorders, confusion, neurological problems, visual disturbances, etc. are caused by various factors. When elderly people fall, bone damage is more likely due to weaker bone structure. In a house covered with non-slip carpets, there are almost no possibility of slipping and the results for a fall are less severe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Polyester a healthy product?

Polyester material does not cause any harm to the health of anyone at home, including your pet animal. On the contrary, with anti-dust and antiodor properties, it is suitable for your children and members of family with allergic issues and guests.

Plato Non-Slip Carpet options can be varied according to your needs. Thanks to non-slip base, wall-to-wall application is possible without using an adhesive.

Plato Non-Slip Carpets can be used in your home, office, kindergarten or hospital, where a soft floor is required.

Special designs and sizes are available according to the quantity of the order. For your special orders, you can contact us with the contact information available at the contact section.